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Tree Services, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

  • Sectional tree felling. This involves climbing trees and dismantling them, this is done if the tree is in a situation where it cannot be felled from the ground without causing damage.
  • Pruning. This is a subject with a huge scope and can be from simple jobs on the ground with secateurs to whole days spent in trees reducing them in size or removing any hazardous dead wood. If you have a tree which needs altering in size or shape we can advise how this can be done to achieve your aims and promote the health of the tree
  • Stump killing. We use poisons which are safe to animals and wildlife to stop and tree stumps growing back.
  • Stump grinding. This involves the use of machinery to grind away stumps and roots this can be done for cosmetic purposes or to facilitate building/ground works.
  • TPO and conservation area work. Trees may fall in conservation areas or have preservation orders palced on them, this is something we establish before starting any work and will work with you and the local authority to gain any permissions which are required to undertake work
  • Hedge cutting. We undertake hedge cutting from small ornamental work or topiary to large hedges requiring platforms or climbing in order to access them.